A poor case by the presecution

I watched the prosecution present its case against George Zimmerman and they never said that Trayvon Martin HAD A RIGHT to defend himself.

CNN had the gall to depict GZ’s story (a lie) and totally disregard the testimony of Rachel Jeantell who was on her cell phone with Trayvon right before he was murdered

Lastly, HLN tried to analyze what happened that fateful night by ” recreating the scenario!” They got it mostly WRONG. It’s as if none of these people were ever in a brawl or a fight.

Now MSNBC has missed this point. Zimmerman’s injuries are not relevant. Was there an altercation?, yes.. Who started it, is the question. If Zimmerman did not profile , did not follow, did not leave his vehicle , did not locate and approach Trayvon, with gun in hand, ready to fire , nothing would have ensued.

The line of questioning about Zimmerman’s injuries is irrelevant. Trayvon had the obligation to defend himself but Zimmerman did not have the right to use his weapon. Trayvon had no weapon, no reason to go at Zimmerman, except to defend himself. Trayvon was on his way home, on his way home!

No  one has explained how Martin’s body ended up where it lay. Zimmerman has stated he took Trayvon’s hands from away from his  body and a pathologist is  going to testify that in the victim’s dying moments,  AFTER he is shot and his hands splayed he is going to get up to grab his chest and fall forward!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!


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