The BIG LIE(S) Zimmerman

You need to tell me if the big lie are falling apart  for Mr.Z.

1. “He was on top of me, hitting me and I was groogy and feared for my life”

What you need to do, again is, use commom sense, which the commentators seem not to be able to do…Have someone lie on his back face up, on the ground, straddle the bodywith your knees up near the armpits or just below… now have the person on top try to strike the face of the person on the bottom…..the person on top would have to try to punch down toward his own body to strike the person on the ground, an almost impossible or at the least akward task for someone near six feat in height

Second, Mr.Z said he was not familiar with “stand your ground” yet he took a course in the subject and knew exactly what to say….Uuuuuummmmm!

More to come, I’m just saying



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