To all you expert? lawyers. newspeople and others

To all you expert? lawyers. newspeople and others who think the testimonyby Jon Good was a slam dunk for the defense

Helloooooo!! are you saying that Trayvon had no RIGHT or Responsibility to DEFEND himself if he was attacked by Zimmerman. Just because Zimmerman ended up with those VERY MINOR scratches does not mean he did not deserve them!!!! What if, Trayvon, by thinking he was safe being close to his temporary home, Trayvon  stopped running and Zimmerman caught up to him (which he did) and if he  touched or grabbed Trayvon, Trayvon had the RIGHT to DEFEND himself in any and every possible way and he did! It does not matter if Zimmerman got hurt, he deserved it and had no right to defend himself with deadly force afterall, Trayvon HAD NO WEAPON!!  and Zimmerman , knowing he did, should not have trailed the boy.

Good got one look and went ot call the police, Who is to say that before Good go there, Zimmerman was not on top of Trayvon?

Clearly Zimmerman tracked and caught up with Trayvon, that is clear. If any person cannot confront the tracker, then something is wrong with the law. And i will repeat, Trayvon had the right to “STAND HIS GROUND” and when he did Zimmerman had the responsibility to back off. he did not, he shot him… think about that smart pundits!!





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