The Movie Preview Version

I still hear the newsfolks and “experts” talk about the version of what two eye/ ear witnesses saw and heard the night #Trayvon was murdered.. The Prosecuting Attorneys have to remind the jury that what those eyewitnesses are saying is only a snippet of what happened that night in February 2012, and not the whole story. What other witnesses heard counts too.

Just#Zimmerman saying “I was getting beat up” is not sufficient under the circumstances we know happened prior to the actual confrontation, for #Zimmerman to use his weapon and kill #Trayvon.

 #Zimmerman did not say “I tracked this guy, caught up to him, grabbed him and he resisted, we tussled, he got the better of me so I shot him. If I had not done what I did, this would not have happened!” He never said that.  All he said (according to the witness), “I was getting beat up and I shot him.”

Lets see the whole movie before we decide if the snippets are relevant, okay!

I’m just saying…..



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