Lets use a litttle common sense here folks


Lets use a little common sense here folks. about Trayvon.

If you have a scenario as follows.: A woman is running from an attacker. The attacker has a gun. / knife and catches up to her and grabs her. Which person do you think is going to call out  “help, help?” 

Certainly not the attacker, he already has his help, the weapon! duh???!!!

Even if the prey stops running, which person is going to yell for help? The attacker…if you chose the attacker you have to be stupid! Even if the person being pursued, fights back and is beating the predator who is going to call for help?

The attacker does not need to call out because he has his “help” the weapon! Is the predator going to yell,” call the police”? No, I don’t think so…even if the prey is winning, hes(she) is still going to ask for help…

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