Big Brother Spying???

I do not know much about secret government covert programs so I might stretching a little here but I understand that in order to protect the citizens of  this country (we at war with an unseen enemy) the Feds have to do their job and if their job entails collecting phone and email records or they could TELL all these communications companies to save all that data so that when they need to trace a spy or a saboteur actions they do not have to wait for the companies to acquiesce.

The system seems to work.. they go to an eleven person judges panel  to outline the reason and they get permission to follow the trail. If you haven’t done anything WRONG, what’s the problem??? They might do this,  they might do that! Please!! And you might get hit by a truck so do we stop all traffic?

This is one time I DISAGREE with the ACLU

All these companies, banks, department stores, credit scorers, insurance companies know everything you do, what you buy, where you eat, with who you do it with and you don’t complain, look at your bank statement… where you spend all your money , at a bar, hotel, hooker, liquor store, they know and got a record!! and you don’t complain,They know what doctor or therapist you see, and you don’t complain.

There are CAMERAS everywhere and you don’t complain.  If you jay walk, they have a picture of you; if you speed, they have a picture of you  but you don’t have a damn thing to say except now when they are trying to save your ass!

You didn’t say s*%t when they found bin Ladin so get a grip!!

If they trace some a**hole and kill him before he blows up NYC. I’m all for it!! By the way I have nothing to hide, I’d rather give up that liberty hiding nothing), which every private company has already taken advantage of , than see some jerk blow up the Grand Canyon!!

Your turn……


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Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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