White Knight? Not this time…..

Two things. Charles Ramsey..the folks who want to demean and talk about this man’s diction, his hair, his teeth, his appearance, his statements that he was coming from McDonald’s need to shut up, sit down and think before you speak. I know that these women’s families could give two (I’ve been told to curtain my enthusiasm) squats about his less than ideal (by your standards) presence. If you ever lived in a minority neighborhood, you’d know there are “Ramseys everywhere. So I dub him, the “Black Knight” who rode to  rescue the “maidens”, the “Along Came Jones” who got them off the “railroad” tracks, the Black “Superman” who rescued four “Lois Lanes”., yes, the proverbial superhero!!

A Black man who dared to put down his  “eats” and break down a door to give freedom to four human beings! They should give him that reward and send him on a whirlwind trip to any vacation spot he’d like to go!! Teeth, ‘fro, baseball cap, sweat shirt, and honest “street” language; the whole nine yards!!!


The low snake-like republicans are rolling around in their own crap trying to tarnish “Hill-Ray” because the polls say she will beat the pants off any “ostrich” rand, marco, jeb and chris, they can find for the Y2016 election, should she choose to run. In addition. they are still smarting over the Prez’s defeat of “dam-mitt-um-rich”!! They are slinging Benghazi “mud” thinking they can erase Mr. Obama’s successes despite their massive obstruction!

I still say they are robbing/ defrauding us every time they take a government paycheck!

They are a party to nowhere, a train wreck waiting to happen and all they are willing to do is screw the American people.

The Sequester

The results of the sequester are very serious; sick people can’t get to a doctor, kids can’t go to school, seniors can’t get food , sudent ca’t go to college, and so on. We need another “March”

i do not  know the make-up of the first district in South Carolina, but I know this; you sent another a–hole to Washington to continue the rape of the poor and the unfortunate, along with the middle class. The repblican clandestine ideas of how to take us back to the fifties when there were thousands of “castros” doing their dirty work, is not going to cut it! They’d better get used to it, you are no longer thr majority…All you can do is place obstacles but over time, you will be marginalized.Twelve million more people are here to work to save your a**es! They are here! Fortunately, liberals and progressives have compassion; we will not let you starve, waste away without medical care and so on. We will do things real AMERICANS do!


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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