Boston snakecowards

I purposefully, did not jump in and comment on the dastardly deed perpertrated in Boston on Monday. My prayers go out to all Bostonians and  their visitors. 

The sluglike cowards that did this must surely pay and the police agencies are on the hunt.

Now a foxnews commentator reported that there was a “dark-skinned person” that the authorities were interested in; but it turns out that foxnews was dead wrong (as usual) as we see  the pics today….enough said on that issue.

But I hesitated because I knew that the investigation had to proceed without the police giving us a minute by minute assessment. Patience is a virtue. I only want to know what I need to know…. so unless there some new development I do not need to hear the same words and see the same tape over and over.  I wanted to wait until the was some progress and here it is today.  I hope they find the snakecowards tomorrow.

Good luck and best wishes to all in Boston; My condolences to those that lost their lives.

I’ll be back when there is something to talk about. Like the commerical says “what’s the use of talking when you have nothing important to say!”


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