So the Senators Have No Guts

Today some gutless senators refused to stand up for the victims of Aurora, Newtown and countless other places in America that have been violated by gun violence.

These people you sent to Congress, who are actually stealing their salaries from the taxpaying citizens, should quit Congress and get jobs with the nra because that’s who they are really working for.

I’m not wishing bad on anyone but wait til one or more of their loved ones gets gunned down. May then they will have their “evolvement”.

Shame on them not to even consider a background check, let alone a ban on assault weapons and multiple shot clips!

And if you are a member of the nra, while polls say 90% of America is for the minimum check, you have to be part of the 90%; so tell your leadership that they are not doing what you want them to do! It’s not lapierre’s organization, it’s the members’!! Throw his ass out. What are they doing with your dues money?  That $1.3 million salary and perks is coming out of your dues!!  I’ll bet he gets a lot more from the gun lobby, so who’s being cheated?  But you BLINDLY pay your dues; for what? A plastic card with your name on it? What else?? This is what you get: a subscription to a magazine (do you read it?), accidental death benefit of $5,000, (law enforcement members get $25 thousand), $2,500 insurance if your gun is stolen, and a chance to buy more insurance! Lastly, they do what they want to do with your dues and you don’t even get a vote! That’s it!!

So, I’m offering you everything that the nra offers you plus the protection of a background check and a reasonable ban on assault weapons and large capacity clips, so that the nuts, criminals, or an anarchist and all those who would harm someone, will not get their hands on a weapon and make you look bad! A reasonable curtailment on when and where one can have fun(?) with that  kind of a weapon. 

The nra is not making you proud to be a member!!! Actually they are embarrassing you! Lok at all the negative attention you are getting!

Join the RGOA, Responsible Gun Owners of America, dues are $2 less than the nar, plus, I’ll raise your insurance to $7,500! And give a $25 gift card to boot!!! The heck with the magazines, you have enough of those to read in the library! Plus before your gun is stolen, we’ll put a traceable chip in it!! For free!! Isn’t  that a better deal?

Okay Mayor Bloomberg, you put up money for those ads; so now since you won’t have a job, you can start the RGOA and compete for members with the really useless nra

What do you say? 


About EaglechiefSpeaks

Politics determine your future, take the time to have a say in it. For me, politics is seriously personal Sleep on it and you may get representation you may not want! Pay attention and follow my blog, be enlightened...
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