g RAND fool 

I watched in awe as my television relayed rand paul’s address to the student body at Howard University yesterday. However, let me make it clear; I was not there and I did not see the full content, as the news pundits decided which parts to show.

For what it’s worth, I will give you my impression of his performance, again, as I saw it.

Pitiful…PITIFUL…..P I T I F U L …….

He was ill-prepared, naïve, and pandering. It was if he’d never had a serious conversation with a black person of any standing; as if he was used to observing black folks as they worked, and never said anything past “How are you? or How you doing?”

He should have known that the tactic of telling black people that “republicans” supported civil rights for black people in 1908, would not fly, simply because we all know that what they stand for NOW does not coincide with our fight for full equality NOW.

He states he was always “for civil rights” but doesn’t understand that an integral part of that process is that all people must be treated equally, including being able to shop where one wants to and to spend his or her money on anything he or she chooses to. So the right of a store owner (whose store is on a public street) to discriminate is not what he should be supporting. If he wants to learn about by black folks, he needs to go ”grassroots”, come down from his privileged tower, see black people as individuals and stop supporting the tea party because their agenda is totally counterproductive to the needs of poor people and the middle class.

He needs to speak out against obstacles to voting, and support the Medical Care Act, support the President’s approach to creating jobs, providing more educational opportunities, resolving the debt while dealing with the budget and lastly, reasonable gun laws.

Giving an aimless speech to black college student won’t cut it!

I’d like to hear from a Howard student on his / her reaction to rand’s speech


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