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Put some humor in your daily ritual. I’ve said 365+Pages to Make You Smile will get the job done! You will enjoy the diver-sion.” It will make a nice gift for anyone or use it to breaking the “ice” when a smile is require-ed. Read a page a day or indulge a few pages at your leisure!

The Prez


Earlier this month, the Prez treated a number of republican senators to dinner at a swanky hotel in Washington D.C. No one is saying exactly what happened at the dinner but those who attended remarked that it was an opportunity to “jumpstart” the discussions about how they could cooperate in doing away with the perils of following through on the mandate the sequester demands.

 Some said the discussion at dinner was “fruitful” while others thought it was “encouraging”.

 By the end of the week, folks’ reaction was that as a result of his “taking it to the streets” campaign was not working, the more he talked about his fair tax agenda, jobs, programs and leveling the playing field, it seems that the more the republican house members were choosing to ignore the will of their constituents to compromise.

So, I imagine he decided to tighten the screws a bit more by appealing to the moderate          g o p members of the Senate.      


The thing about republicans is that they are as silver-tongued as that snake in the garden. They sometimes say nice things but you have to watch their actions. mcconnell is still trying to make the president a “one-term president”. He and the rest of his ilk, mccain, sessions, boehner, ryan, and cantor are totally delusional. They continue to bring the same old tired message that goes against the grain of most real Americans who believe that as times and social interactions change, so must our government.

Polls say most Americans are liberal, progressive and want the support of government in making their lives better. The g o p idea of “do nothing for the poor and less fortunate in our society”, keep the middle class as close to poverty as possible, give more money for the rich and ultra-rich, find ways to tilt political contests to the right by redistricting, jerry-mandering, and making it diff-icult to vote, all run counter to the vast majority of Americans.

The President is on the right track, pressing for laws that make the country function better and makes us all safer.

But, now we hear he is in this “compromise” mode that I hate. I’ve said it before and now, again…it’s not compromise until the republicans move toward the middle. You’re a nice compassionate guy but, gee whiz!!, get a little “street”. They are phony Americans who don’t give a damn about the poor and middleclass and they are in the freaking middle class, cutting their own throats, so why should you give your blood before they die??!! These fool-ish old freaking white men hate American the way it is and refuse to see the future. They are a dying shrinking selfish breed. Black folks have been here long enough to have been effective enough to make them uncomfortable. Let’s do it!!


Well, move over Sean Bell, Danroy Henry, Kenneth Chamberlain, Amadou Diallo and Trayvon Martin and countless others who were taken out by the lawmen who are suppose to protect us. The massacre continues with the recent killing of 16-year-old Kimani Gray in Brooklyn, New York recently. In most cases, it is a number of police officers who are “confronted by a teen with a gun” and are required to unload a massive amount of gun fire as if the teen was “purportedly” adept enough to take out three or more officers. And why is it always, “a gun was found at the scene” story but never a gun is never fired at the officers? I am still upset at the Chamberlain fiasco where, police broke down the man’s door to “save him from harm” and shot and killed him in a barrage!! It is always a BARRAGE!! So the victim cannot give his side of the story!!

If they can follow Alaska State Troopers and U.S. Marshals to film what they do, why can’t the NYPD film each and every confrontation, after all, there are three or more cops there; one could be assigned as a cameraman to record each stop!

 Maybe they’d only shoot the kid seven or eight times, not the twelve or thirteen times; like one bullet wouldn’t take down a frail kid.  Whatcha gonna do when the conservative U.S. Supreme Court says everybody can have a gun??!!

 The Debt:

I’ve given some thought to the concept idolized by the republicans that they will not agree to tax the ultra-rich. They say they will agree to close the ridiculous loopholes that the rich use to. Provide a bounty in unearned money which does nothing to spur the economy; but will not even vote to follow through on that agreed strategy.

 I’ve said it before and I will say it again, they are the best I’ve ever seen with their “baffle with bulls*%t methods! The question is, white racist America, do they really represent you? Do you want a smaller government (I think you mean, spend less money) in Washington? Because if you do, you must realize that you live in a state that receives more federal dollars from Washington than you send there. So you agree to get less money for daycare, for early childhood education, for fixing bridges, for police programs, and for job training, and so on. More power to you but remember it’s not helping the debt because less people will be paying taxes, or haven’t you figured that out yet?

 Return of the phantom!

 ronmey showed up at cpac, crying about how he wished he had won. Heeelllllooooo! You didn’t!! Did you see him? He looked like a puppy who couldn’t find his mama! Stuttering and fumbling his script! Pitiful! And the 46% who voted for him, you see what you would have had, a wimpish lost shell of a real man, ordered around like bushie-boy was. Talk about moral emptiness, he’s the epitome!!


I’ll say it again; the only reason anyone needs a gun is because it is their intention to kill someone or something. Shame and boo on those senators who did not have the moral courage to do the right thing, that is, banning assault guns or war waging implements of death.  The pundits say it was because you did not want the NRA to oppose you in the next election! Well, I have news for you; it wasn’t supposed to be a lifetime job in the first place! You were sent to the Capitol to do what the nation wants done…. background checks, banning the weapons of mass killings and so on. Have some moral fortitude and do the right thing. Back the ban on assault weapons and multi clip magazines


 The republican Congress needs to realize that  the 10 to 12 million people who are here without legal status, are not going anywhere, so we as a nation must deal with the issue, especially those who have been born here, are growing up here and contributing to the wealth of this country. Granted they have come here looking for a better life for their families and often work the more menial jobs that we citizens find less attractive, such as picking fruits and vegetables, cutting lawns, and other laborious tasks that most of our citizens won’t do. 

The solution is very simple if you are not out to appease the backward looking electorate. All this congressional “negotiation”  is ridiculous.

Here is my answer: If you were born here you are eligible for citizenship. If you are undocu-mented because an adult came here without a visa, that’s not the young person’s fault. If you are here as a child because someone else brought you here, it’s not your fault so if you acknowledge that fact via the “Dream Act”; with a high school diploma, at the age of eighteen, you are a citizen, so long as you have been law abiding.. After five years, these “naturalized citizens” can sponsor their parents to apply for citizenship (with DNA proof). We can figure out later what we do with the criminal element. Case closed!

No fines or penalties. They are probably paying taxes that the ultra-rich won’t pay! And, yes, speed up the process for those “europeans” the republicans want to come here too. Let the ones who want to come here to work have visa permits, stating how long they will be here and where they intend to work. The employer must vouch for them and the ycan’t leave without report in where they are headed..

Housing, Wealth and Income

I come out of left field on the next comment, so don’t get excited, let me explain. 

Federal government, stop taking the census by race!  I know it’s in the Constitution but that provision needs to be changed, right now! I also understand that the race aspect is used to determine who benefits from many programs. Those programs can be administered to the people who need them through a census that identifies them. A better way.

Amb. Andrew Young talked about ways to bring more people out of poverty on the Chris Matthews Show on April 4th. He brought out the fact that there is more money tied up in banks and investment houses, sitting idle and not being used to kick-start the economy than there is currently circulating in the economy! The evangelical right does the immoral stupid thing by reducing jobs and paying low wages to further emaciate those who are hovering on the edges of poverty and below, while piling up case to pay the already filthy rich! How dastardly of them to protest a minimum wage of $9.25, not enough for a person to live on.

 Person (s) of Interest


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