National Autism Day

Today is National Autism Day. It may not mean a lot to many of you but it means a lot to me, for you see, I have a grandson who was diagnosed with the disease. He is just turned eleven last December. There is an article in the Huffington Post Black Voices by Holly Robinson Peete. She and her husband have a teenage son who was also diagnosed with autism and in the article she relates the struggle and concerns she has for her son growing up in a society where police officers shoot and ask questions after the tragedy. 

Her story actually mirrors by daughter’s worries and concerns. My daughter refused to give up on her son’ future; she’s fought hard to make sure William has received every opportunity to live a good life despite his misfortune. He is a happy go lucky smiling smart intuitive preteen who now excels in math and computers. But like Mrs. Peete, his mother had a vision and did her homework and it seems to be working. I am proud of her fortitude and his progress. He is on his way to middle school later this year, mainstreaming!

All parents of a challenged child need to read the article…

Bless you and keep fighting for your child…there is no greater love than a mother’s love of child or for that matter, a grandparent’s love. Most often, we grandparents do not do the hard work, or deal with the patience, or the understanding. We are not there daily, so we just keep supporting, as does William’s younger siblings. 

We will overcome this scourge with love and push these children as far as they can go, for we realize that most likely we will leave them to fend for themselves. But society must pick up the cause and continue to be tolerant and allow them to be “all that they can be.”

With 1 child in 88 , in the U.S., being diagnosed with this disease, you have to know someone who is dealing with it. Sometimes the family will not say anything or talk about it to outsiders, so I ask you to just be observant, aware and understand…. and show your love, somehow.

It may sound strange, but “Happy Autism Day” April 2nd.


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2 Responses to National Autism Day

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  2. jeanette walton says:

    Great information and uplifting. I’m going to forward this article to a friend who has a son with this disease.

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