The TSA does it again!!!

  • I see the latest news of how the TSA has once again embarrassed themselves with the double amputee Marine Toran Gaal who was made to get out of his wheelchair to be mugged and pawed by a TSA agent. They reportedly even made him take off his prosthetic leg! It made me recall a recent incident at Washinton’s DCA when a older man, another double amputee was made to actually crawl off his wheelchair so he could be pawed and mugged by these people who are threatened with job loss,as embarasssing as it is to them to have to do this, if they do not follow procedure.
    I had to pick up the man by by lifting him from under his shoulders and place him back in his chair because the TSA agents were small men and did not know how to help him get back in his chair! Iam inspected regularly by these people because I had a TKR and I fly at least once a month so that means a minimum of 24 inspections a year.
  • This has to stop!! Use some common sense. It’s like there was a bank robbery and everybody, old men children, nuns, no matter how implausible it may be, is a suspect. Ridiculous and unnecessary.
    I do not know you Toran, but you have my apology for the TSA’s idiotic behavior. You are a hero and should be treated as such! I accept their nonsense because I am a nobody but you should not have to. Thanks for your ¬†bravery

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