Stop and Frisk

I took the time to respond to a story in the HuffPost about the stop and frisk tactic used by the NYPD as approved by  Mayor Bloomberg.

I equated it to being frisked by TSA at airports, in that both entities, in essence, without your consent inspect the the most intimate parts of one’s body by forcing one’s consent,i.e., a penalty for instance, “we can make you miss your flight or we can make sure you miss your meeting or we can plant something on you and take you off to jail….”

Brandon A missed my point; its the “tacit non-consent” that’s important here

Bloomberg is wrong when he equates the tactic to reduced crime vs. the 100% whose bodies he invades. “he acted/ looked suspicious” is not sufficient. Find another way.

And….stop your cops from shooting innocent young people multiple times and “finding a weapon near the body” reason…. perp’s gun never fired, huh??? why not if you were in “danger”?

I’ll have more to say in my monthly newsletter “EAGLECHIEFSPEAKSnow” out soon.





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