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While I was busy with other endeavors, I could not avoid listening to the republicans, as they continue their vitriol against our President Barack Obama.

 The president was re-elected by a resounding majority of the nation; those who got the message, that is, that the gop was too far to the right in their vision of the future of American and how we, as a nation, all of us, provide a means for those of us who suffered through the recession, and lost our wealth or never had any, get a fair opportunity to recover our dignity and wellbeing.

While I do not want to revisit the reasons for the recession, but I must remind those who intentionally forget that bush and his cohorts dug the tremendous hole of debt the nation has to endure, by allowing the special interests to go unchallenged, by giving millionaire and billionaires huge tax breaks and lying to take our military into two unfunded wars.

There is segment of our population has decided that the unemployed and the less fortunate should be left to wither. Let me be clear; the country’s employers, almost all of them, are responsible for their greedy selfish pervasive and immoral actions that led to their massive accumulation of wealth (while paying less than their fair share of taxes) and to their disregard for employees and the unem-ployed, by withholding jobs and/or a reasonable and livable wage. Everybody knows that executive’s pay has skyrocketed in the last ten years. Along with that fact, is the realization that they correspondingly purposefully reduced jobs and depressed wages. Those who were lucky enough to find work during this period, were, time and again, offered, on average, less than what they were paid before the recession. Additionally, they provided less merit and promotional increases while reducing, benefits and at the same time they increased the prices of the products they sell.

The President want to close the gap, especially for those who are at the lowest levels of income, hence, his request that Congress raise the minimum wage.

He has suggested programs to put the unemployed back to work. The money for repairing our infrastructure is already in the budget. Then there is the idea make colleges and tech school more responsible for turning out a modern labor force.

These are good solid ideas and it is up to us to support them. Call or write your Senator and Congressperson, telling them to support our President or else, look for another job!



The Sequester:

Led by the haters, the republicans do not have the guts to do the right thing, and let go of their hate. By allowing the drastic budget cuts, the economy will falter; Federal workers will be out of work, essential services will be negatively impacted causing more pain to the middle class and the poor. Money usually designated to help cities and states cope with reducing crime through police programs and safety measures will be lost. The result is, the debt will go up because these people will go on the unemployment rolls and on Medicaid. The republicans lie and say they are for less spending but they will cause more of it. These rabid republicans profess to care about America, but their action and rhetoric say otherwise. They say they care about military preparedness, but will allow provide the logistics it needs. Maybe they will come to their senses but the way rubio, paul and the new radical cruz are acting, I do not expect it.

The unemployment numbers keep going down. This proves that Obama’s approach is on the right track, despite companies’ holding on to cash and not spending it on salaries. The multi-national companies and banks seem to find the money to fund executive pay but refuse to pay a decent wage to its workers. Uuuuuumm?


I’ve said it before. Commerce and industry can afford to make a basic investment in the future. Instead of depending on colleges and tech schools to train all the workers they need for the complex jobs of the future, they should hire workers and train them for the jobs in the 21st century. It worked in many industries when the economy started to boom in the 60s and 70s. The result was that the company got an employee exactly like they needed and additionally, the system created a promotion and career path. That’s how a machinist got to be a machinist, a banker became a banker or a steelworker became a riveter! I remember when Union Carbide would hire right out of high school and train a chemist then send a worker to college to understand how to manage experiments and explore new products. Let’s get back to that kind of thinking!

More Stuff…..

The U.S. Debt and the Sequester:

The republicans will not raise the debt ceiling so the Federal government can pay the legitimate bills it has incurred. Remember those bills were already approved by Congress, so essentially the republicans in Congress are defaulting on bills they already authorized. The haters are willing to let the stature and credit rating of our nation to be compromised for political benefit.


They can’t win the election; it is over and done with! So why not get on with the business of making this country the best that it can be. Shame on them! And, this is where I call out all those black(?) and people of color republicans who are either blind to the fact that they are shills for the right or who see merit in backing that party for their own political gain. Those people of color who do speak up and out should be commended, but your voices are too few and too weak. To give some credit, jindal spoke up and called his party “stupid”. But what about haley in North Carolina. I’m guess-ing here but did black women vote for her because she was of color? See what you got!


Social Security & Medicare:   The republicans want to call them “entitlements”. I say it’s our money that we seniors and others paid into the fund, with the promise that when we needed some back to live on, it would be there. If they would allow people to go back to work those people could contribute to the fund and keep it solvent. The problem is, in the Reagan years, Congress passed a law that allowed the Federal government to borrow funds from the Social Security fund and now the Federal budget is at a deficit because Congress authorized more spending else-where than they allowed to be collected in taxes. So they Congress, not the President, cannot pay back to Social Security, the money they borrowed, but not even the bills they previously authorized, bill to run the country! Yet they tooth and nail not to tax millionaires and billionaires fairly. I am especially miffed that capital gains and earning from investment deals are taxed at a lower rate than the ordinary citizen when their earnings do nothing to increase the nation’s productivity!

Put some humor in your daily ritual. I’ve said 365+Pages to Make You Smile will get the job done! You will enjoy the diver-sion.” It will make a nice gift for anyone or use it to breaking the “ice” when a smile is require-ed. Read a page a day or indulge a few pages at your leisure!

Person (s) of Interest

As we close out, what people like to call February, Black History Month, I had quite few choices of who I would highlight. I have chosen:

Percy Julian

He was born in 1899 in Montgomery AL, and was one of six children. He had little early schooling. At that time, Montgomery provided limited public education for Blacks. Because of his determination and perseverance Percy Julian entered DePauw University as a “sub-freshman” and graduat-ed in 1920 as class valedictoryian. He then taught chemistry at Fisk University, and in 1923, earned a Master’s Degree from Harvard University. In 1931, he received his Ph.D. from the University of Vienna.


Percy Julian returned to DePauw University, where his reputation for inventing was established in 1935 through his accomplishment of synthesizing physostigmine (a drug that changed how myasthenia gravis, glaucoma,  and delayed gastric emptying  was treated) from the West African calabar bean. He went on to become director of research at the Glidden Company, a paint and varnish manufacturer. He developed a process for isolating and preparing soy bean protein, which could be used to coat and size paper, to create cold water paints, and to size textiles. During World War II, Percy Julian used a soy protein to produce AeroFoam, which suffocates gasoline and oil fires.

      He was also noted most for his synthesis of cortisone from soy beans, which is used in treating rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory conditions. His synthesis reduced the price of cortisone. He was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame in 1990 for his “Preparation of Cortisone” for which he received patent and over his lifetime, he was awarded 105 patents. He died in 1975.

Housing, Wealth  and Income

I was intrigued by a report that I saw that outline what the report called “The Ten Emptiest Cities”. I was talking to a friend and the discussion turned to the disparity in wealth and income between the rich and the poor in this country over the last twenty years and she introduced me to a map that outlined the income inequality in this nation by city, county, region, and state; even block by block. But before I talk about that problem, I thought I would share with you the finding on the cities. Here a few cities.

10.Toledo,Ohio , · 9.Tampa,FL, ·  8. Houston, TX,  7. Atlanta, GA·   6. Las Vegas,NV ·         5.Richmond,VA, 4.Detroit,MI · 3. Memphis, TN, · 2. Dayton, Ohio and · 1. Orlando, Fla.

One indication of a country’s economic health is its unemployment rate. In the United States, the rate measures the percentage of One indication of a country’s economic health is its unemployment rate. In the United States, the rate measures the percentage of employable individuals in the workforce more than age 16 years who either lost their jobs or unsuccessfully sought work during the previous month. Unemployment statistics are available in the monthly “Employment  Situation” report compiled by the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The report provides myriad information, including unem-ployment rates according to race, sex and age. To arrive at the data, BLS surveys 60,000 households and 140,000 businesses throughout the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (01/2013) report Total Nonfarm Payroll employment increased by 157,000 in January, and the unemployment rate was essentially unchanged at 7.9 percent reported. Retail trade, construction, health care and

wholesale trade added jobs over the month. The number of unemployed persons, was at 12.3 million, and since September 2012, was little changed in January.


Adult men (7.3%), adult women (7.3%), teenagers (23.4%), whites (7.0%), Blacks (13.8%), and Hispanics (9.7%) and  Asians (6.5%) were unemployed.

Those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was 4.7 million and accounted for 38.1 percent of the unemployed.


When you look at all of the above, you can conclude that the jobs are not where the people are.

I remember that factories were in towns like Waterbury CT or Jersey City, NJ or Gary, IN because that was where the labor force was and employers were willing to hire and train.


I am old school, but try to keep up with modern trends,; there are some old practices and ideas that would still work today. With transportation cost skyrocketing, especially, gas and the hybrids so expensive, why not look at bringing jobs back to the inner cities?

 All it takes is a little forethought, ingenuity and desire on the part of dedicated employers. If the republicans will just get out of the way, the rest of the nation can move forward and take our place again as the best country in the world to make you a success!

Put some humor in your daily ritual. I’ve said 365+Pages to Make You Smile will get the job done! You will enjoy the diver-sion.” It will make a nice gift for anyone or use it to breaking the “ice” when a smile is requireed. Read a page a day or indulge a few pages at your leisure!







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