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I’ve Been Thinking…..

Republicans are so evil, vindictive, such sore losers, vote cheaters, and gerry-manderers. This fact is indisputable and clear. The question is, why?

Look at what it took for them to win governorships; in Georgia; the republican candidate, brian kemp, in charge of certifying voters, stuck 53,000 applications of mostly minorities, in his desk drawer and would not certify them, and in the past few years, disqualified minority voters in the hundreds of thousands; then ran for governor and won by less than 50,000 votes.

In Wisconsin, scott walker, lost is reelection bid, so the republican legislature voted to change the governor’s power… likewise in Michigan…..

For years they have arranged districts to impeded, interfere, denied the right to vote to mostly minorities, and Black and Brown folk; so much that the Federal government had to step in….with laws and intensive monitoring.

The majority of Americans and others do not agree with their agenda… pure and simple. They will never win the popular vote…. There too many of us who are progressive, who want the country to move forward on civil rights, human rights, justice and fairness; equal opportunity for everyone, …we open our arms to people in need, we are for inclusion, like the country was before the racists spewed their venom. That’s what America used to mean to the rest of this planet… A place where you could get a fair chance, if you avoided the poison minds of people who want to seem bigger than they are, so they trod on others… We were/ are not perfect… we have flaws…. We need to get better at what the Constitution promised… liberty and justice for all.

But, we reject a return to the era when “White was right, if you’re black*, get back”, was the mantra….for some….(*or gay or disabled, or haven’t learned English yet or don’t have an acceptable shade tone…or too heavy or whatever)… so they boldly steal and cheat at politics, with a lust for domination……and go against every moral principle they were ever taught or ever studied. Your mini-minded oaf cow-tows to despots, kisses the asses of killer dictators, and you see it as “Okay” or “He’s doin’ a good job!!”….all the while he’s screwing you!!! He promised you “coal” in your suicidal tunnels and what you got is no unemployment check!!  He promised to “bring jobs back!!” and no Central Americans and you got expensive fruits and vegetables….and higher food prices…and higher taxes, smaller mortgage allowances and more lies….

Now caught committing felonies and really acting like a mole/spy for our enemies, and cozying up to dictatorial murderers,  he seeks to destroy the system of justice that has prevailed these long years by “appointing” TV salesmen and long forgotten disreputable lawyers as overseers of our criminal justice system in order to continue his mission to obstruct justice.…  

Well, the new year is coming, and is a halt so his shenanigans and your willful blindness to his dastardly deeds!  The sheets will now come off the cover-up and the question will be, will you deceitful republicans see the error of your ways and become Americans again??? We shall see in 2019.

Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year to all!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!!

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G – 20 Summit 2017 Hamburg, Germany Private Dancer….Everybody Out of the Room!!!


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Waitin’ for The New Year…….

EaglechiefSpeaks  12 /17/2018

Any fool can see that the ddfrump administration is in shambles, yet the republicans led by the mean-spirited, evil, villainous, artificial republican office robber, and  m(b)etch mcconnell continue to hang on to the vestiges of their kind of politics; politics that want to take this country back to the 50s and 60s when minorities, especially women, gays, Black and Brown people, virtually had no say in politics.      I can remember when republicans were a center /slight right coalition, but even then the conservatives were not vicious or extreme in their view of how a “democracy” ought to work.

The party is now one of desperation, opening their arms to old line hardened racist southerners who have never adjusted to the world of progressive endeavors, and “tea partiers”, who want to thrust their religious beliefs down the throats of others while their demonstrative immoral views and actions deprive us of the liberties promised by our Constitution. Now, because they find themselves in the distinct minority, they have turned to a “person” (to be a little kind), without ethics, without idealism, without any moral values, and without a desire to lead, just to rule.

If you are Black or Brown, or really Christian you do not belong in the republican party unless you just love being used….

The liar has shown the nation his perverse outlook, his racism, his disdain for human rights and liberties, his disparagement of people other than his horrible base crafted by the likes of the aforementioned mcconnell, and the worm-like creature chosen as the leader of the of House of Representatives, punypaulryan…. Yet this ilk still voted for the malevolent beast….and no-experience has tagged along as an incompetent mouthpiece and shill.

His record speaks for itself. An  expedient liar, corrected by fact checking at last count at over 7,000 times since being sworn in. But that’s not all; the Mueller probe has him identified as a unindicted co-conspirator in felony matters…many of his cohorts have plead guilty to lying to Federal agents and prosecutors, yet many more, have left the administration under scrutiny for breaking laws, rules of ethics or outright theft! His venom has corrupted generals, Senators, and Congresspersons and has caused many of his horde to go to prison including yet to sentenced, cohen and manafort.

I am not going to take the time to list all of the criminals and near-criminals invited into this administration, from out and out fraudsters to girlfriend assaulter misogynists like him…..but nearly one hundred have come and gone.

The silver lining in the cloud is that if Hillary had won, all of the evil skullduggery perpetrated by this man would have gone unnoticed, but he was foolish enough, and his political cronies greedy enough to think that no one would care, thinking that he would “rule” like a pukin, a castro, or erdogan or even his ping pong buddy, kim jong un. Not so…. Now Mueller’s team  is “hot on the case, flippin’ and convictin’!!! The next month will be interesting….Butina, pleading guilty, as did cohen, with manafort looking at decades in Lewisburg, I’m sure that david pecker and allen weisselberg, avoided prison and gave up the goods on the liar-in-chief!!

Soon we will see his “true colors”; we knew what they were but to see them… it’s a pleasure…Ashen, sallow skin toned with thinning white hair!!!!  There is more s#!% coming his way and I cannot wait!!

I’m going to move on to this….

If the United States of America is going to survive another crisis like the one we are facing right now, the Constitution must be updated!!!

It cannot allow people like this creep to ascend to the presidency….and pull along a creep like the “no experience” robot mouse, VP!! Nobody voted for exspence, that’s for sure….

The U. S. Constitution was written in the 18th century when rich White men who did not see anyone other than those like them, as constituents of this country…. some saw slaves, now free Black men and women, a chattel to be bought and sold as they pleased; others did not think Brown people would be a force here….that there would be planes and jets fighters and, super highways, trains going 100 miles per hour, or the telephone much less, a FBI or the internet or even 50 states…..  or Black people or women voters, gays or transgender people…

We have tried to adjust to this progress with amendments and rules and protocols but we have for a long time failed miserably playing “catch-up”. The slugfrump is doing what he is doing because we trusted that no person of his ilk would ever become president…..  we thought there might be someone traitorious….. but an out and out crook, fraudster, deviant, tax evader, greedy, and so disrespectful of the rule of law or our righteous  sensibilities, or so racist that it spawns hateful animus from  35/40% of our citizens. Or a person who worshipped dictators so much….with the desire to be one….

Now we need to close the loop holes…..air tight…..so no one ever again like the officeholder and his cabal, we are now burdened with can ever seek this high office. Never did we ever think that the Congress would not do its sworn duty to act as a check against a president who is so hideous in his actions to get elected or openly commit offenses that would quickly place  an ordinary citizen in jeopardy of prison time. We need an iron-clad, Constitution as soon as we are able. Every other modern 20th Century nation has done so….although some have gone in the opposite direction from democracy.

I happened to see ddfrump in the midst of some Black folks at the White House this week, still kissing his fat ass, and grinning like they had sex with him…..a pitiful sight. Scenes like the one this week really riles me… because these negroes are willfully ignorant of the racist rants this buffoon has uttered; let alone the seven thousands lies he has told……

He declared himself a “nationalist”….So was hitler and mussolini and stalin and pukin and kim un jong, and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman  are dictators… and we know what kind of regime they operate…..What makes those chuckling Cheshire cats think that they have a place in his type of America???       The old saying are never more true… “You lie down with a dirty dog, you get up with fleas”!!!“  When you smell bad or rankish it ain’t because you had a bath recently”..

Don’t be surprised when he calls you, “his negroes!!” after he closes the door to his office…… You need to read Sarah Churchwell’s book, (if you can read), “Behold America” for some enlightenment… if you are open to that…. Because it seems you have turned your head away from reality. Not so long ago…..maybe before you were born this pictures will give you some pause to reflect upon what you are doing….



Keep grinnin’….

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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The Sabbatical Hiatus is over, I’m Back!!! Just a “Change of Pace”….

Politics, next time soon!!!!!


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What a Week….

I was just getting over the passing of Aretha Franklin last week and now Senator John McCain. He is probably the only republican these days that I had any respect for.

Not only did he demonstrate his bravery and fortitude in combat, as a Navy pilot, having been shot down in Viet Nam. We al know his story…five years as a POW, tortured, shoulder and jaw broken. First as a Congressman, then a Senator serving seven terms…trying to be a consensus moderator in Congress. He ran for president against President Obama and did what no republican would do. to correct a bigot regarding Obama’s citizenship. I appreciated that. If ever a republican ran for the presidency, he would be the one I’d take a chance with; not that I’d vote for him, but if he won, I think minorities could have worked with him. He had to endure an insult from slugass, but he demonstrated that he was the bigger person. He was a war hero, a patriot, he deserves all the accolades and praises for all of us.

I salute this tough hell of a man… a hero, patriot…RIP

We move on to other epic news….The vise is tightening on the slug….two more micreants that joined him in his toilet bowl are headed to jail…manafort found guilty on eight charges, ten hung because one juror, a frump supporter would not do her civic duty and honestly look at the evidence. But eight is enough…for some serious jail time! Strike One!!!

Then, michael cohen the slug’s fixer, pleaded guilty to two felony campaign finance violations. Those are crimes, no doubt, and he confessed to them under oath, saying he willfully violated those laws at Trump’s direction.   He arranged to pay two “ladies” to keep quiet before Election Day 2016 about their affairs with the slug.  Strike Two!!! Cohen has also stated that the slug knew of the infamous trump tower meeting with the Russian lady lawyer to get “dirt” in Hillary…We all know the slug has denied knowledge of the meeting before it occurred, but his statements show he did. By the way, momarosa says the same thing….

Then, there is the revelation that the slug’s accountant, and his favorite pecker… david pecker, owner of the “magazine” that bought the silence of Karen McDougal by burying her story of her liaison with the slug, agreed to immunity to give up info on the slug’s business and social escapades….

Mueller’s team is hard at work….

Then, there is the question of whether this bigass can be indicted while president. Well, we need to stop  b s- ing ourselves…. NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW!!! No man, therefore, when there is enough evidence, walk the jackass out of the Oval Office in handcuffs!! And there should be a law that if a sitting president is under any kind of criminal scrutiny, he/ she should step down until he questions around any culpable activity is resolved by a Special Prosecutor that is not under the thumb of the president; he should report to and be guided by a joint committee of Congress and the District Court of Appeals.

Happy Birthday to my oldest brother, a sightless musician of the highest caliber, a pianist, a guitarist, an accordionist, truly adept at all three …. Independent, he went anywhere on his own, walk, bus, subway, he did not care… He was a “Ray Charles” before Ray Charles was Ray Charles!!!  He turned me into a Brooklyn Dodger fan when I was six… Made me name the starting nine before first grade… he left us in 1971…a great brother… May he continue to rest in peace…..

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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