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What a Week….

I was just getting over the passing of Aretha Franklin last week and now Senator John McCain. He is probably the only republican these days that I had any respect for.

Not only did he demonstrate his bravery and fortitude in combat, as a Navy pilot, having been shot down in Viet Nam. We al know his story…five years as a POW, tortured, shoulder and jaw broken. First as a Congressman, then a Senator serving seven terms…trying to be a consensus moderator in Congress. He ran for president against President Obama and did what no republican would do. to correct a bigot regarding Obama’s citizenship. I appreciated that. If ever a republican ran for the presidency, he would be the one I’d take a chance with; not that I’d vote for him, but if he won, I think minorities could have worked with him. He had to endure an insult from slugass, but he demonstrated that he was the bigger person. He was a war hero, a patriot, he deserves all the accolades and praises for all of us.

I salute this tough hell of a man… a hero, patriot…RIP

We move on to other epic news….The vise is tightening on the slug….two more micreants that joined him in his toilet bowl are headed to jail…manafort found guilty on eight charges, ten hung because one juror, a frump supporter would not do her civic duty and honestly look at the evidence. But eight is enough…for some serious jail time! Strike One!!!

Then, michael cohen the slug’s fixer, pleaded guilty to two felony campaign finance violations. Those are crimes, no doubt, and he confessed to them under oath, saying he willfully violated those laws at Trump’s direction.   He arranged to pay two “ladies” to keep quiet before Election Day 2016 about their affairs with the slug.  Strike Two!!! Cohen has also stated that the slug knew of the infamous trump tower meeting with the Russian lady lawyer to get “dirt” in Hillary…We all know the slug has denied knowledge of the meeting before it occurred, but his statements show he did. By the way, momarosa says the same thing….

Then, there is the revelation that the slug’s accountant, and his favorite pecker… david pecker, owner of the “magazine” that bought the silence of Karen McDougal by burying her story of her liaison with the slug, agreed to immunity to give up info on the slug’s business and social escapades….

Mueller’s team is hard at work….

Then, there is the question of whether this bigass can be indicted while president. Well, we need to stop  b s- ing ourselves…. NO MAN IS ABOVE THE LAW!!! No man, therefore, when there is enough evidence, walk the jackass out of the Oval Office in handcuffs!! And there should be a law that if a sitting president is under any kind of criminal scrutiny, he/ she should step down until he questions around any culpable activity is resolved by a Special Prosecutor that is not under the thumb of the president; he should report to and be guided by a joint committee of Congress and the District Court of Appeals.

Happy Birthday to my oldest brother, a sightless musician of the highest caliber, a pianist, a guitarist, an accordionist, truly adept at all three …. Independent, he went anywhere on his own, walk, bus, subway, he did not care… He was a “Ray Charles” before Ray Charles was Ray Charles!!!  He turned me into a Brooklyn Dodger fan when I was six… Made me name the starting nine before first grade… he left us in 1971…a great brother… May he continue to rest in peace…..

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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Aretha and omorosa/ Snatching Clearances…

RIP, Aretha…….

It took me quite a while to get into Aretha and her music…. I enjoyed her hits like everybody else, but I did not think of her as the “Queen of Soul” for the longest time…Just like it took me a while to get into BB King, Percy Sledge, and the jazzy/ soul side of Ray Charles…. Okay, I’m slow in that regard; maybe I was too much into the  groups of the late 50s and 60s, you know, The Ink Spots, The Dells, The Velvets, The Crows, The Harptones, The Penguins, even The Platters, The Shields, The Chantels, The Cadillacs, the Iceman, Jerry Butler, even Arthur Prysock and Nat Cole….. Am I dating myself???

I met Aretha one time, when she first set foot in New York’s Harlem USA. I think it was 1960….She was there for two reasons, one, her father was active in the Civil Rights Movement and was going to meet with the NAACP leaders (The main headquarters was in New York at that time, on West 40th Street) and two, as a member of the New York (Harlem) Youth & College Chapter, we were to entertain her for that particular afternoon, after she did a photo shoot for the Amsterdam News. I think she was to appear at the Apollo that weekend, but I’m not sure of that so, don’t hold me to that part of my recollection. The photo shoot occurred on Eighth Avenue and 127th Street then we had a lunch….She was touted as a new sensation then, but I never gave it a thought; that she would rise to  the level of world-wide recogn, my bad….

Again, the World will miss this icon….. Rest In Peace, Aretha….

omorosa and Snatching Clearances

So our fake president, slugass, is getting his ass kicked by an oily slick Black woman who has no place to land since she put her ethics aside and rode the cash train that was frumpland. Knowing that the bigot was just that, she cast aside her values (assuming she had some) so she could be his “black showpiece”; and yeah, she went through “frump university”, the one where everybody trusts no one and watches their back all the time, because that’s what their “hero” does…. sticks it to anybody for gain, by cheating, lying, stealing, defrauding, denigrating good people…. But now his “grad” student has learned his game, problem is, nobody trusts her either, so she has to have proof, and she does… so far…… she pulled out her ‘six gun’ and shot up frumpland, reloaded and caught an unsuspecting crony in his gory, trashy abyss; and then shot his messenger dead!!!. The messenger Lara, claims that omarosa and her were “gosh, gee, buddies!!” and was shocked that “her buddy” taped her…. Well, that should be no surprise, “buddy”, ‘cause, you are part of the swamp, too!!! You just didn’t get to “grad” school, like omorosa did.    So just wipe the crap off, pull up yo’ panties and get back to swampland…..

I can’t wait for more goodies… Because the wormy, spineless republicans rats are eating crap pie, thinking that their jobs are so valuable that they are willing to see the nutcase take the nation down to its knees so he can escape the wrath of his boyfriend, pukin…. And escape prison……for a litany of crimes….

The whole cabal needs to be flushed down the filthy soiled toilet they live in…. and maybe omorosa has the plunger and, along with Mueller will get it donet! She has no place to go but if she pulls the rug out from under the slugass, maybe she can beg for redemption somewhere.

His ass is on fire and he needs folks to ignore the blatant cuts inflicted by his ‘grad” student, so he causes a media stir by yanking security clearances from our mostly hidden heroes who have worked to keep this country safe from the likes of pukin, and “young kim ummm”.  Let’s keep our eye on the prize… the demise of the slugass….

Since he broke protocol by going around or ignoring the required steps to take away clearances, why don’t they just ignore him and let these heroes consult where and when necessary, with their expertise and knowledge???

If no one tells him, he’s too stupid to know!!!

So do not let this fool stop our intelligence agencies from doing what is best for this country. Continue on, business as usual….. the slugass is useless anyway!!


Enough said, I’m out!!!

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omorosa Got Tapes!!!

OMOROSA GOT TAPES!!! 08 18 2018

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See, We not…er….Racist!!! We Got Our Black People…..


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Mommarosa’s First Tape Exposed!!! Behind Closed Doors

MOMMAROSA'S TAPE 1 08 14 2018

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Omorosa Comes Clean……


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Time For Two Callouts!!!

A few days ago I wrote about candace owens, a young black woman who claims to be a conservative republican who  supports the fatslugassfrump, and in passing mentioned paris dennard, a young black, loud-mouthed apologist for the plumpbecile in the White House.

Well, tonight this dark buffoon, graced the Erin Burnette 7 pm show on CNN on August 10th and disgraced himself when he took umbrage at a simple question about whether he agreed that his hero, fatslugassfrump, was wrong to say that “there were good people on both sides at the Charlottesville, VA  display of violence and bigotry, last year.

He deflected the question several times, even going on to verbally attack the other guest with, “I didn’t know this was the Joan Walsh Show!!” and refused to answer.  He angrily accused both the host and the guest trying to “trap him” and went on to claim that his hero denounced the bigots. Both challenged his interpretation and the he hit the roof with, “People have a problem with me because I support the president”, claiming moreover, that they “hate the “president”.

Yes, there are a  lot of people who hate what fatslugassfrump is doing, a whole lot!!

Here is the bottom line my dear paris, you are a trump republican, the smell is all over you, you support him despite his bigotry, racism, and so on. I’ve already listed his misdeeds too many times, but not this time, because this is about you, you as a real American, a real Black American, a patriotic Black American, a conservative American. What you need to do is, take a day, take a deep breath, sit at home, sit in front of your TV and just open your mind a tiny bit and hear what real Americans are telling you by their  commentaries and perspective….. If you do this, you should see that there is no way to apologize for this bigot’s behavior….unless you are just mindblind…….

Stop making excuses for this bigot; because all this does is, make you look like a fool….

America, all America, in fact, the World, sees what  fatslugassfrump, is….pseudo- conservatives, frumprepublicans, teapartiers, socialists, the kkk, the skinheads, all ilk of racist,  know… and you act as if you don’t know…. or you do know too, but are fool enough to still back a skank, despite the expensive suits,  from the garbage dump….. He is so dirty now, there is no way to clean him up…..

I hope the light bulb comes on for you, “blacks for frump” people…..maybe it will take an impeachment, indictments and more revelations about his real deep involvement with Russians for you folks to see the light…….But until you do, don’t go on TV and make a complete ass of yourself, please…. That is, if you care about what good honest fair-minded, sympathetic, moral, ethical, law abiding Americans think.

An old friend, a great lawyer used to say to a person he was questioning, “You can lie to me, you can lie to the public, you  can lie to the jury, you can lie to Court, but the worst thing you can do, the worst sin of all is, to lie to yourself…….Don’t do that!!!”

Paris and Candace, open, open your eyes and ears……

A parting comment to Kathryn Cherry, the black law clerk for Judge kavanagh…..     I understand that Black folks need to forge a way to “stardom” especially in politics and lawyering….. you  probably think, “Maybe I can clerk for him, when he becomes a justice of the Supreme Court….then I might get a plum job……better my career… become a judge myself.”, you may think. further, “So I’ll pander and make this commercial…..”

Well, sometimes you gotta think bigger, outside your little bubble…. We both know that kavanagh will not be good for minorities, poor people,  people of color, asylum seekers, you more than others, know this….. You worked with him, wrote his opinions…

A little story….

There was this family and they had a dog, a big beautiful German Shepard, beautiful coat, when walked, he appeared to docile. Inside the house, he was a terror, he tore up everything he could get his teeth into, he knocked over his food, he ate shoes, ripped down curtains and crapped wherever he wanted!

You are a part of the family, adopted daughter so to speak. This dog would bite visitors, bark at them, make them feel uneasy, and scare them. In fact he bit two family members. He became such a nuisance that the family decided to get rid of the dog….

So they placed an ad in the newspaper and this couple responded. They wanted the right dog for them. So they asked the neighbors about whether they witnessed any odd behavior by the dog. Some people said they had not seen anything bad, while others had real reservations. Anyway they go to the house and ask to see the dog, and they trot him out, and he acts nice… The family says the dog is tame , and would be a benefit to them and they bring you to the door, and introduce you, a pretty black girl and say, ask her. And since they promised the little girl cookies and ice cream every night, to say something nice about the dog, the little girl says, “He’s nice, gentle, a pleasure to walk, why I even walk him, and feed him without a problem…” They ask, “Are you sure ??”and you say, “Yes!”

Well that little girl is you… You know this man, kavanaugh, will be bad for minority rights, civil rights, voting rights, women’s rights, the environment, consumer rights, asylum seekers’ rights, for gay rights and so on… You know this, so why do that commercial? Why?

I’m sure that you thought you would enhance your future by helping this menace succeed…but you, knowing the truth, are helping to rescind all of the progress the less fortunate have made in the last fifty years… don’t do that…..See the above….. don’t do that…. You needed not to do that. Your background says you will do fine but think about the thousands you will be hurting. This time, it is not about you, it is about us!!! Don’t be a “paris dennard”, a “kayne west” or a “clarence thomas”, a darrell scott; you look like you might be better than those turncoats…..

Enough said,  I’m out!!!


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