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No Man Is Above The Law, Not Even A Wannabee Emperor………

One of the tenets of a democracy is, ‘No one is above the Law”. The Mueller Report lays out in stark detail, the obstructions perpetrated by the slob/ slug in the White House. Mueller declined to find a criminal conspiracy by the cabal of losers, simply because he may not had the evidence to win that charge in the Courts or Congress, but we all know what ddfrump and his gang of outlaws did… under-mining our election process by accepting the aid of a power that is our adversary in every way one can think of. His clew of worms has purposefully conspired to destroy our nation of laws, respect, moral underpinnings that make America who we were in the eyes of the World. Back in the day, Nixon said, “The Country need ot know if their president was a crook.” Of course he lied and said “I am not a crook!” but realized that as a man, a  human being that he could not remain in office.  

He had enough dignity to leave office and not go through an impeachment. But this phony imbicile, with his ego,   supported by his foolhardy base, accepts him as their king, czar, emperor, or whatever pukin calls himself. The law is clear, we will see the fraud in his tax returns, his filings with the crooked banks, subsidized by The Russian oligarchy.

And his racist faction, who think they are better than real Americans, as they march and clap for his vomit.  Who are these people, anyway?? Google, “How many nazis were let into America after the WWII? and given citizenship… eight hundred thousand!!!”   Thousands I said!!! Remember they were “NAZIS”!!! who brought the ideas of naziism with them. Do you think these people extolled the virtues of America around the dinner table??? Or do you think they talked about the “Vaterland”that could have been??? Again, google some of the old films of hitler giving speeches. See the crowds…Remind you of anyone you’ve seen lately????

What we are seeing now is the result of those descendants hearing how much better they were because they were “The master race” “Die best-immter Artikel”…… May I remind you that Black soldiers were being discriminated  against while these folks were given citizenship!!! FULL CITIZENSHIP!!! Google, “What is the largest heritage group in America right now!!!!” It’s easy to figure out who was marching in Charlottesville…

Now I do not intend to disparage all those folks but  let’s be honest….But, I‘d guess 97% fall into the  the slug’s base….  a category I have described, the slug’s base….And we have, may I remind you, Black soldiers being discriminated against while the nazis folks were given citizenship!!! FULL CITIZENSHIP!!!

Google, “What is the largest heritage group in America right now!!!!” It’s easy to figure out who was marching in Charlottesville… (Fine people, my ass!!)

 Now we have the Baylor Women’s Basketball Team at the White House in back of the buffoon, to eat Mickey Dee’s.. and Tiger Woods going there.. both asinine  moves… Why the f**k would you do that ?? You know he has no tolerance for people of color…Why??? He’ insulted you time and again…Are you “his negro??” If you are not, act like it, dammitt!! While I am at it, sometimes Chris Cuomo acts as if he is so naïve… He acts as if he grew up on the moon….The SOB is damn guilty of obstruction and his cabal, guilty of conspiracy… He knew what his sty of traitors were doing was wrong.. undermining the integrity of this nation, a conspiracy, a crime and they should go to jail, Chris!!!

The fraudulent Attorney General, william barr should be behind bars…lied his ass off and got caught.  He should be disbarred but the cowardly republican senators don’t have the globules to do the right thing… m(b)itch mcconnell put two unqualified jerks on the High Court….We already know they are biased and unfair but the Mueller Report is so clear about obstruction the choice is well-defined to honest Americans. We have suffered through myriad bad decisions….. let’s see for far right (correct) or wrong they will go on this…

As the worst presidents go, I really do not want to kick andrew jackson’s ass right now….but the pig ddfrump has made it to the top of my list.

And another thing…private robert e lee was a scoundrel traitor…He fought a war of rebellion against the United States of America!!!! And killed or wounded thousands because of slavery….His name should only show up in history books to show how much of a  renegade he was…Every  rebel monument should be destroyed…I need to end this discussion…

Joe Biden has entered the Democratic sweepstakes and changed  the momentum of the frontrunners. It’s a long time to November 2020… whose got the staying power?? Let’s hope they run a fair race without rancor… If the courts do not do their job, we have to do all we can to unseat the fat lying bigot, pukin’s boyfriend…. I understand the fool has passed 10,000 lies… The republicans are so bigoted, they do not care who leads them… He could fart in their faces (hey, he’s already done that) and they lick it up like it’s French champagne!!

Closing…… If I see another Black man or woman clapping at the pigworm’s bullsh**   collection of slugs, I’ll really blow my stack! Whoever you are, call me, write me, or seek psychological help…Please??!!          

Enough said, I’m out…..

Google “ BillTallchief.com”  …read a good book…..

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Fake President Fake Emergency frumpstyle

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Resign, resign, resign!!!! Why???

Big News of the day….Virginia Governor, Ralph Northam admitted that in 1984, he was in a yearbook picture wearing blackface or a KKK outfit.    However, now the governor has claimed later in a news conference that it was not him in the photograph, wearing a costume “that is clearly racist and offensive.”

“This behavior is not in keeping with who I am today and the values I have fought for throughout my career in the military, in medicine, and in public service. But I want to be clear, I understand how this decision shakes Virginians’ faith in that commitment,” he said.

Politicians and all types of folk are shouting that he should resign, from Kamala Harris and Cory Booker to every republican within earshot, and many  TV pundits…

My opinion at this juncture is, I don’t know. I do think the new conference did him little good.

The bigger question is, (and I have had some vehement debates on this)…If there is an untoward incident in one’s early life, does that event, though lawful but distasteful to the general public, make that person ineligible to serve in government or do public good? In other words, if a person has a formidable record as a, say, politician in public office, should that person resign when something distasteful is discovered in his/ her past? Black folks didn’t yell when Clinton committed a “sexual no-no” in the Oval office or “didn’t inhale” ….. or though Presidents Bush and Obama admitted to “testing some pot” were they disqualified from running for the presidency?

In the case of Ralph Northam, the governor of Virginia, I am willing to wait until his life after the “error in judgement” is examined and then render a judgement. For, I believe that one’s total life should be taken into account when there is no criminal activity later in life.

Can I add some context to this particular situation? Even in 1984, many a young white person in Virginia will have been trained to ignore the sensitivity of racist actions, I am thinking…   Even though thirty years had passed since Brown v Board of Education 1954 decision white Virginians for the most part gave short shrift to the advances in race relations since  then….. They should have, but they didn’t. Just like they’ve been taught to be racist, there must be a time, a moment when they are taught to be otherwise. Perhaps Northam is one of those who “got the message”.

If they are at a point where they are now exhibiting non racist tendencies, I say, look at their total life, be fair…

In my opinion the public was not fair to Sen. Franken…

It is too easy for folks to jump on the bandwagon, especially those who may have something in their past that might reflect poorly on their careers… so deflect, they yell for maximum punishment hoping that that call will quell the clamor from looking at all in search of skeletons.

Black folks especially should be tolerant regarding immediate condemnation and ultimate penalties…

Look at your fake president and all he has said about minorities …. Are you hollering that he must resign?  How about “dwarfsessions” and his penchant for destroying  civil rights advances? Did you call for his resignation??? And in the aforementioned cases the crap these two have done is right in your face, not thirty five years ago!!! Which is worse???

Isn’t America the place for second chances??? Should something done early in life, (no legal crime) be the basis of ruining someone’s life?? Especially when they have done good work demonstrating a commitment to equality?? Yes, allegedly, he was 25 years old when the prank was done.. But what about the years since, when he was a pediatrician or served  in our Armed Forces?

Don’t take me wrong, I do not condone this deed, nor do I overlook it.. all I am saying is, look at the totality of one’s life and give credit for it. It seems that the last thirty five years of Northam’s life are erased and only this despicable incident, alleged, as it is….. is most important.

It is not fair to judge an individual on the basis of one act, and not a pattern when that person apologizes takes ownership and promises to make amends…  It wasn’t murder, sexual assault, robbery with a weapon, etc.. so should the penalty be total extinction??? I do not think so…

What’s your take??? Let me know….

Enough said. I’m out!!!

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We Have A Buffoon In The White House!!!

Okay, here we are, one month into the shutdown, 800,000 federal employees out of work/ not getting paid; supposedly some have to go work of face penalties and job loss… But how do you get to work without pay? Do they have gas money, or funds to buy some kind of transit pass?  They have to make a decision, buy food or buy gas, make that next car payment or change the motor oil, etc.?

And then there are all those contractors, 200,000 of them not working and not getting paid, the U S Coast Guard, Homeland Security, and so on, on furlough… I forgot to mention air traffic controllers!

Now, there is a question whether the buffoon is in cahoots with pukin….The answer is a resounding, YES!!!!!!! And the m(b)itch mcconnell and his cabal are complicit in destroying our economy….

After meeting with pukin who wishes America no god will, and hiding that fact, stealing the interpreters notes and destroying them, this scoundrel is a clear and present danger to our nation, no doubt. Yet these republican fools act like it’s okay. I blew my gasket this morning when the fool took to the airwaves, babbling on TV Friday, offering to give back DACA, and other rights given to our fellow citizens is ridiculous, in exchange for an unnecessary, expensive, ineffective wall that he started out with, “Mexico will pay for the wall!!!” bullcrap and $25 billion tab, now down to $5.7 billion for steel see-through blinds when drug smugglers are tunneling 70 feet underground bypassing the wall that is there!! There are true immigrants, escapees from the death and violence in their home countries, not drug smugglers.  His own CBP and ICE admit that 90% of the drugs entering our country come in via airports, boats and container ships. The Democrats are willing to provide funds to beef up surveillance at ports of entry, and support a plan to review applications for asylum by adding more judges, but the boob continues to babble about a “waaaaahl”!

All this is about doing a “job” on the America we all (well, almost all) worked to create… The America where we, the majority are attempting to create an  environment that where we are allowed to pursue the dream of life, liberty and happiness. (I’m not going to get into the profound inequities of present day where women are pressing their civil rights agenda, the LGBTQ are pressing for equality….where most Black folks want good jobs and police training so we can stop burying our youngsters because a racist cop shoots and kills  them)…

No doubt the buffoon as a Russian agent; no real American would destroy the country as he has in his short time in the White House.

I’ve mentioned this before; where or in what administration have you seen such a cadre of fraudsters, crooks, criminals, freeloaders, and inept hirelings?? And, what about the bevy of russians involved with an administration?? All with the purpose of weakening our democracy; and this jerk, deciding against the advice of career Defense and State department officials pulls troops out of Syria ……

It is time to wake up, America!!!

We have a traitor in the White House!!!!

We have a crook in the White House!!!

We have a wannabe tyrant in the White House!!!

We have a cancer (well everybody knows that!!) in the White House…..

Celebrate MLK, Jr Day and remember the struggle for human rights we went through… do not take lightly our current political climate……. Pay attention and stay ready to support our new generation of Freedom Fighters…

Enough said, I’m out!!!

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