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The Emperor Babble-lies On…………


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The Buffoon Does It Again….

The buffoon strikes again…this time in full regalia, in front of his mentor, vladpukin, who was smiling like the proverbial Cheshire cat, and the world (Iran and North Korea, too), is dismayed that our once European democratic strategic partners (despite knowing what was coming) are putting some space between themselves and America, and causing some of our Congressional bigots to respond, condemning the piggass’ love of the vlad.

It’s like I’ve said on many occasions, you ”conservative” folks see and feel a bullet whiz by your noses, and then stand there and ask the question, “Somebody got a gun??!!”, instead of looking for a place to hide!!! Your snail/ slug is a traitor for whatever reason.

You saw this coming… you did, but I do not know whether it’s is because you are that stupid or that no matter what, he is the vehicle for your bigotry, so you look the other way… Some of you are STUPID, but a lot of you are just complicit… treasonous!!!!

Just what are “high crimes and misdemeanors”??? In the age of ddfrump’s love for despots, we need to DEFINE what that means, then act accordingly. Is it making money from the presidential position… is it destroying the environment, is it kidnapping babies at our borders, is it, conspiring with or working for the enemy to destroy the nation??? Over five thousand recorded LIES in eighteen months by the piggass, placing our government in the hands of inept people, fraudsters and   thieves  like pruitt, mnuchin, devos, price, and no-brain carson….???? He conspires with the major weasel, m(b)itch-mccon, to steal a judgeship, place a NO, NO experienced non lawyer in the third highest position in the Justice Department (who can’t even spell ‘subpoena’) and has never tried a case in court, let alone offered a motion there!! Now this pseudo- government “official” determines which Federal cases go forward to indictment and trial!! A travesty……and the republican senators approved him…..

We let the piggass spend our tax money to go to Europe and embarrass us, and to his ragged golf courses…. Yet some of us say, “Don’t mention impeachment”, and declare that Maxine will upset the decorum. Well, I say keep hollering, Maxine!!!! We’ll both will have our “I told you so” moment!!!

Now we hear some pushback from a few republicans…with stronger words than “upsetting”, or “interesting” or “thoughtless”…War hero, John McCain, a righteous man and soldier has called the pigass’s performance, as disgraceful and tragic. Jim Coats, in charge of the DNI says,  We have been clear in our assessments of Russian meddling in the 2016 election and their ongoing, pervasive efforts to undermine our democracy, and we will continue to provide unvarnished and objective intelligence in support of our national security.”

Yet the piggass, in front of the whole World, sucked up to the vlad, and insulted the United States of America with a weak, “We all do it…” What a slug?? The oath of  office says, the president will defend the country….what he did, did not…. He is hiding something besides being a traitor……..Mueller and Maddow will ferret out “the rest of the story”……

The question is, do the republicans in congress had the fortitude to wrest from this crook, the reins of government??? They can enact laws that cannot be vetoed… if they have the guts and the patriotism….They are yet to choose true patriotism over nationalism (there is a difference) and bigotry….. We will know where they stand by the end of the week. And stop saying “collusion”…..it is “conspiracy”, a crime!!!

Oh, let me add… There are some phony democrats out there too….They need to go!!! Do you hear me, machin???? Is stealing your congressional salary more important than loving this country???? At least you voted with the Democratic minority this time, on the NATO resolution….. and I’ll close with this… Chuck Schumer, speeches on the floor of the Senate are nice but fall on the public’s deaf ears….I keep telling you, ya gotta tweet!!!!! It ain’t that hard!!!

Enough said, I’m out!!!


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Piggass Graduates With Honor


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The Pigg-Emperor Flies Off Again…


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An Open Letter to Democratic Leadership

I woke up this morning, mad as hell. At myself and at my party of choice, the Democratic party.

I pay attention to politics, mostly national and if can, local. I realized that the news outlets and other media continually bombard the public with piggassfrump’s tweets. And the ensuing discussion highlights republicans‘ explanations/ excuses for the buffoon’s tweets, with some opinions from other “cable news consultants”. But the reality is the buffoon is driving the discussion and the information stream. The Democrats are silent, Slient, SILent, SILENT!!! When it comes to tweets, the media, now the most effect way to gain attention.  Where the hell is our “Limberger”???? on radio???

 I caught a glimpse of a few responses to a “town hall” by Chuck Shumer.                    In essence, the responses urge more of a belligerent action by the party. Not a physical battle or war, but verbally. I cannot recall any tweet by any Democrat that was not in response to something the biggassfrump tweeted or some other republican said. Where the hell is our offense?????  Only Maxine Waters had the courage and audacity to speak out and call out the buffoon, only to be “denied and “chastised” by the leaders….because they want to obey the rule of law and decorum and “be nice”, as if that will get them some traction, when the republican do not give a good crap about rules, and decorum!!! History succinctly tells me what the Democrats are doing, well, “it ain’t workin’ “!!!!

Where the hell is the DNC???? Tom Perez is like a mute…… We have no idea what the hell he is doing to promote the platform and ideals of the party. How about a tweet from him???? How about a verbal tweet attacking the liar, the pervert, the tax cheat, the fraudster, the violator of the emolument clause???     Tweet about this awful selection for the Supreme Court. Yeah, you can have a lot of folks’ give opinions about the choice, but everybody is not watching CNN or MSNBC….but a tweet gets you mileage.. on TV!!!! and from the media. Making speeches in Congress that no one hears is a waste of time…. Worthless words!!! There are a whole lot of things that can tweeted about….. and it doesn’t cost a dime!!!! Talk about what the wrong justice on the Supreme Court means to human and civil rights, womens’ rights, the ACA in America!!!! Tweet it, dammit!! Take over the “tweetworld” that you have for so long left to the maniac…… tweet out a position paper on your political views…in red states…..place an office there ….do some ground work all year around, not just when there is an election…… Buy some newspaper ads or on the  internet…….. If H&R Block can rent a storefront anywhere and everywhere, at tax time, Democrats can rent one all the time!!!!

To be relevant, we have to be loud, vociferous and out front!!! Being a nice and meek in this environment is not going to work……..Let me see some backbone, for that matter, let everybody see some backbone!!!!

Last, include more young people and women in leadership roles…give them some power……..

Enough said I’m out!!!


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Travesty, (S)elected Criminals, the Rule of Law, Another Lost Mind …..and More


I’ve said it more than once; your president is a mole for Russia…a Manchurian candidate, an implant to destroy the fabric of America, and every advance that helps us progress toward a real democratic country, an idea that pukin utterly opposes because it does not compute with his concept of making him and his country “titans of the world”.

And pukin chose this undercover bigot, bigassfrump, with a small mind, too stupid to hide his prejudices and greedy tendencies, to do his bidding because he is a greedy insecure sucker.

Yet, because we innately believed in decency, and “laws” and because most of us were content with our lives, though it was way less than what we deserved, and therefore, did not want to “rock the boat”, because we were afraid to lose whatever we were given, not what we’ve earned…. Much like the guy who is working his ass off to keep his job, coming in early, leaving late, skipping lunch, while “the boss” goes golfing; he won’t ask for a raise or promotion because the result of that would mean he’d get fired!!!! So he toils on, accepting crumbs, he won’t take that chance…

 The signs were there…. We ignored them, now we have a puppet, an avaricious jealous bigot, who is intent on imitating pukin, enriching himself, and creating, like hitler tried to do, a world of “white again”, when for the longest time, it is “white” anyway.

And complicit in his efforts are the hypocritical, “religious conservatives”. All along we have touted this country as a nation of religious liberty. Yet, in almost every -thing we do, we use the term, “God”. Yes, essentially, each person has the internal right to worship as he or she chooses. Most have been brainwashed in that way….but we are ‘overwhelmed”, politically with “God”, i.e., “God Bless America”, ‘For God’s Sake”, “acts of God”,  “God rest his soul”, the new president places his hand on a “Bible”…..

However, the “religious right” has taken this “belief”, supposedly an individual right and coalesced it into a great big ball of “Godliness” and rolled it on top of the rest of us while they stand on the on a high mount and scream, “We are exempted from the hideously immoral weight we have placed on you!!! We do not follow the “Rules of Righteousness, Humanity and Liberty for All”; we will do as we please….. but you must follow the “rules”!!”

So, we stand there confused…. Do we follow the rules, or do we assume a cloak of opposition to dismantle the “rules” and take back our “God” given right to try to live our lives in prosperity and peace?

  lie, cheat, defraud, pilfer, deceive every chance they get…but the masses say to themselves, “We must accept what they throw at us, even though, we cannot be like them. Everything will be okay, it’s God’s will!!!”

 Well, no it is not, Democrats!!!! We have stood by mutely and been run over!!! Our collective asses have been kicked!!!! We are almost like bigassfrump getting punked by pukin!!!

 When will we really fight back??? Someone says, “Confront them make them feel uncomfortable!!! And the response is, “Oh, let them eat in peace!!!”  Fools, they been eating in peace, off of you, your work, your sacrifices, and feeding you slop!!!

  am for a more effective approach…. We can no longer be above the fray…Time to get our hands dirty….Words of appeasement will no longer work.

 Shumer, Pelosi, Perez…..Speak out harshly…..Challenge every devilish move…… or get out of the way….Call TV stations, go on radio, place an encampment in every conservative stronghold, confront the bigot limmberger, go before America, state our case to those who will listen and drown out those who disagree with our principles…. Vote out the hypocrites…. They should not be immune to criticism… where they live, work, make them be more “humane”….

 Like I’ve said, they care more about abortion than they do about the massive massacres with guns in America!!!!

 Judges are supposed to be “fair and impartial”… If they are not we need to get ones that are….. and we let a criminal, a criminal bigot… elect a Justice of the Supreme Court? Are we crazy???? We should not be talking, we should be SCREAMING!!!!  All I hear is silence…it’s deafening!!!!

 Just caught this, this afternoon…Candace Owens, a young black republican turncoat, appeared on Craig Melvin’s show on MSNBC this afternoon and demonstrated how dangerous black ignorance can be… I used to say how baffled I was that Black people supported the supreme biggassfrump and his racist agenda. I don’t say it anymore because it is abundantly clear that those supporters are mentally ill, have no moral compass and like him, look for a way to make money from fraud and deceit. “It takes all kinds to make a world” as the saying goes… so she is in this one and she has a chance to run off at the mouth with senseless blather… nothing she said made any sense like amorosa…that is, until you’re used up!!! But Craig was kind and considerate… I’d never heard of her so I looked her up and interestingly, a minority conservative group had this to say about her….telling, isn’t it.

 The Puerto Rican Conservative says:

“Turning Point U.S.A Hired Notorious Race Baiter Candice Owens (Red Pill Black)(R.I.N.O) As Its (sic) Director Of Urban Engagement And Even After Allegations Of Racism Within The Org She Remained On Board With Their Agenda. Latin Americans Need To Understand, You Can Support Trump 100% Without Feeling You Have To Follow Everything That Promotes Itself As Right Wing, Just Take Into Consideration That Racism Isn’t An Exclusively Leftist Trait, It Exist Among All Races And Within All Parties.
Candice Owens Is Not A Friend Of Right Wing Hispanic Americans, Noncoincidentally Shes
(sic) Been Reported As Saying Shes (sic) Thinking About Running For Office Something I Predicted Almost A Year Ago And My Response To That Today Is, Not On My Watch! She’s an Identity Movement Mongering Race Baiter and A Person Who Practices Historical Revisionism in hopes of gaining more followers by promoting the NRA utilizing lies, an audience that along with the sheep that follow her today will ultimately be used to place herself (sic) in a position of power…. Thats (sic) When Her Agenda Will Materialize”

 I was also delighted to hear about a grassroots endeavor by citizen-Democrats to take matters into their own hands, and get on the ground in “red” voting districts to knock on doors and tell people about the Democratic agenda, our approach to human rights, voting rights, immigration, and so on… with interesting results….

Instead of jumping into a campaign late, these folks are there weekly to say what we believe in, not just at election time…. something I have been saying for years.

Like I have said, (see above), Nancy, Jim, Steny, Tom, Chuck and whoever else is listening, rallies and town halls don’t get to the people in the street…..knocking on doors and a credible visible presence does!!!! Sometimes it also drowns out the B.S. lies on TV!!!!! Time to blunt and confront the blather!!!!! No matter where it arises!

 Enough said, I’m out!!!

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